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Refreshing Foot Massage

Aug 23, 2019

Foot massage as a healing therapy is now accepted in medicine.

The purpose of natural cures is to support and strengthen the body's own healing powers.

The energy level of the body is increased by massaging the sole.

By massaging the appropriate zones, the associated organs will increase in blood volume, improve metabolism and lymphatic circulation, thus mobilizing the body's self-healing powers.

Massage of the sole is also suitable for prevention, refreshment and regeneration.

Its purpose is to restore energy balance, which is a prerequisite for a healthy life.

It also regulates the function of hormone-producing glands.

It is also important from a diagnostic point of view. The state of the soles shows what the problem is or is developing. The presence of tenderness, pain, or deposition in the reflex zone means that there is a dysfunction or disease in the associated organ.

Reflex zones act as microsystems. It depicts the big system perfectly in the small.

As a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle, harmful metabolic products multiply in the body, and if they are not able to leave naturally, the organs are damaged, reflexes are formed, energy blocks are formed in the body, consequently the cell metabolism and organs are impaired.

In case of a problem, the reflex zone decreases the movement speed in the lymphatic system and increases the muscle tissue.

Lymph builds up and deposits build up. We put pressure on it to give information to the brain and the sun. (Sunbathing is the left part of the liver. Function: contains all the information about organs; it contains a micro system and restores the body's energy level.)

The selection system zones (base) are first treated and cleaned. Then we include the massaging of other problem areas in the program.

   (For example, the kidney's job requires energy. It receives oxygen through the blood. If it cools (freezes), the kidney can't function optimally. It heats itself. It burns fat. It takes oxygen from the blood. It gets less work. He needs blood Blood flow appears in the reflex zone Massage gets more blood flow Blood supply is controlled by the rabbit brain Gives more blood to the one whose energy level is rising works more He takes less that narrows or dilates the blood vessels. Feedback goes from the organs to the rabbit. It monitors the work of the organs.)

Massage the soles by hand (without aid).

Correct foot massage cannot hurt as the pacing first goes to the brain and then to the organs.

Everyone can be massaged according to a proper program.

Refreshing foot massage can be done on a healthy person, and a person with reflexology that helps to heal, taking into account what the patient has in mind.


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